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Quality products with exceptional customer care is our promise to every patron.

Located near the jewel of the Sierras, Sierra Mountain Enterprises  is now offering a full new speaker enclosure line inspired and designed with all-terrain vehicles in mind.  SME takes pride in all our designs and documents as well as numbers every enclosure we invest our time in building.  Sierra Mountain's enclosures offer a warm personalized feel to your sound system and ownership of a Sierra Mountain enclosure is a privledge any audiophile can be proud to invest in.  While there are many products to choose from when incorporating speakers to an atmosphere, SME offers style with every enclosure we build while harnessing the spirit of sound by using uncompromised materials.  Each enclosure SME builds not only offers an acoustically pleasing stage but doubles as an appealing art piece as every enclosure is hand made with individual character.  Tight, crisp clear sound captures the very essence and appeal our enclosures have to offer the listener!

Sierra Mountain Enterprises has high expectations for every enclosure we build guaranteeing you will enjoy your new investment for years to come. 
Sierra Mountain Enterprises is committed to offering products of the highest quality with efficiency and stealth in mind, built with pride for Jeep, boating and offroad enthusiasts.  Please visit our site as we update and unfold the business model, we genuinely appreciate your interest! 


Brian M. Busch
Owner/President Sierra Mountain Enterprises    


SME is excited to announce the launch of a new online store available soon.  SME will offer a variety of universal and custom pods that can attach to roll cages as well as the JeePods for the 97-06 TJ Jeep Wrangler.  Custom subwoofer enclosures are also now available to order, all custom orders require a retainer.  Call now to discuss the direction you want to go when it comes to low end chest impacting bass!

  • SME plans to debut a brand new web store, please check back as we update the website and launch the new store! 
  • JeePods are a seasonal build.. get your order in before mid spring!  *Custom orders will require a $300 deposit.
  • Credit Cards are accepted via Pay Pal, any custom orders are expected to pay a deposit upon order.  
  • Alpine receiver's and amplifier's as well as Focal speakers are now available for purchase. 
  • Stinger and Focal Audio wiring is used in all SME installs, wiring kits are now available for purchase.  Please call for assistance in pairing your system.


*All electronics and speakers purchased through Sierra Mountain Enterprises are fully warrantied through an authorized dealer. 

Focal Speakers:

Access Series

100 AC                         $179.00
130 AC                         $189.00
165 AC                         $199.00

Performance Series

PC 100                         $249.00
PC 130                         $299.00
PC 165                         $349.00 

PS165F                        $499.00
PS165FX                      $599.00

Alpine Receivers Subwoofers and Amplifiers:


CDE 153BT                $199.00

Power Packs

KTP 445U                  $150.00
KTP 445A                  $150.00


PDX V9                     $650.00             
PDX 5M                     $550.00


SWT 10S4                $180.00-$210.00 w/grille
SWR T10                  $450.00-$480.00 w/grille

Stinger Power Wiring and RCA kits:


4 gauge kit               $89.99

Speaker Wire

40ft 14 gauge           $39.99


6000 series 3ft         $19.99
6000 series 12ft       $27.99

8000 series 3ft         $29.99
8000 series 6ft         $34.99
8000 series 12ft       $39.99

Focal Wiring and RCA kits:

Speaker Wire

39.37ft 15 gauge     $69.99


Elite 3.28ft              $39.99
Elite 9.84ft              $49.99
Elite 16.4ft              $59.99

*Pricing is subject to change between website updates



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